New article – Climate changes in the Byzantine and Early Islamic periods in the Levant

A new article, authored by D. Fuks et al., dealing with climate change during the late Byzantine and early Islamic periods has just appeared. The study was in the making for quite a few years, and …

Source: New article – Climate changes in the Byzantine and Early Islamic periods in the Levant


A word is spreadable .
Buhari is a name and BUHARISM is kind of himself .
BUHARISM means “APPLICABLE” “NO-Not” “YES-YES” Critical justice where No One is Above Laws and everybody is in and against it (CORRUPTION). Nigeria rises against corruption
in order to honor Africa’s politics who need sacrifice to democratize Africa who leaders are above laws . By what means Africans’ heavily rise against corruption as occurred to be pursuit and BUHARISM standstill zenith to end the heaviest catastrophe ill’s committed by corruption . Nigeria swears to begin working out to end the menace of corruption inside Nigeria and spreads to every Conner of Africa making it works with the powers of God that defeats her powerful high corrupt individuals and the power of the country in Africa . A coalitions of minded people about solutions to end all sorts of misdeeds for the sake of nations and wellbeing for tomorrow’s Africa . Nigeria blueprints fighting corruption is named ” BUHARISM ” where means nobody is somebody and everybody had no meeting to attend or work to do if facing charges against looting of Nigeria’s wealth who belongs to Nigerians . The aforementioned corruption is named contributors of recession . If and as far indeed BUHARISM politics attest ? There will be no Africans who’ll agree that we practice democracy as it stands . In reality Africa’s democracy means something different as kinds of information circulating around the world that looters ramasse 65% every year and claims owner of such evil deeds , for what they’re now facing trials in different places around the world . Morality means speech that perpetuating greater views to people who trust you and your lying in reality . If not truth how could such huge amounts of money deserved to work for the people who elected them for the office they are fumbling about . BUHARISM philosophy is now ready to expose anybody else no matter who you are , no matter how long you’re in government offices and whoever your godfather is ?you’ll face consequences of your deeds . BUHARISM philosophy is ready and willing to bet with
WHO IS WHO to practice law enforcement to fight corruption mentality and degrading the menace of corrupt individuals in Nigeria . BUHARISM is now part of Nigerians lifestyle for the CHANGE mantra to bring an end to such radical looting rulers who radicalize the image of Nigeria due consideration to the senseless and unacceptable anywhere .
God bless us all
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria .

Smoke In The Sky .

Good future begins with timely manner . More useful sense in reality are sometime good to fight for the future and sustaining a good future . Shame for whatever reason Africans give up on their way to a sustainable development . As greedily do senseless and uselessness hanging the reality and using the catastrophe . All sorts of malfunctioning administration are inside Africa as an archive for tomorrow use . When and how could it provides a comprehensive range of subjects to deal with the smoke in the sky of Africa . Those whose ambition is ruling forever and those who always relied on them to bring solution that’ll change the weather to make the sky looks fine , had a blast beyond their views . The reality behind this is how spider net could protect rain as umbrella did , the majority in office are there for themselves not for those who relied on them to make Africa no place like home . From colonization to independent of African nations up till now there is no country that practice democracy as described and since independence no African individuals that respecting government as governing body . Both effects from government to the peopled governed is critical acclaim as good rulers or good to rules . Perpetrators are there and propagandist are there only to make smoke in the sky of Mama Africa . Time is running from nineties to millennium there is nothing attractive to change the way we think of , except perhaps due process of converting our mindset to minded individuals for progresses through a philosophy of replacing those we always chanting as good ones with new generation individuals who would make Africa home and no place like home to clear the smoke from the sky of Mama Africa .


Sani Ali .


Day In ! Day Out !

Hours to the destination of our trip to the land of godless humanitarian in central park . Cloudy sky diving to favor free Democratic nation , but unfortunately overdue and malfunctioning governmental policies delayed the soils to harvest good governance that’ll progressed the development of the continent . If colonialists could afford independence with no prior knowledge to the peoples who colonized with a constitutional provisions for self defense , it means alot left behind . Brutalizing my priorities constitutional monarchy was a big deal since we’re above laws when we’re in office due takes everything beyond pleased . In reality African leaders are Africa’s destroyers were they used powers and double strike against individuals and economy to create a world of pain and suffering among others for their own interests .


A democratic Africa :

Mathematicians in Africa :

carte_dafriqueDay in decoration , but down slightly despite being together in the wall with red carpet and spreading democracy that’s not the reality of our true intent to individuals within societies . Inline and outline for the future of Ms. Africanas’ children thus found themselves on bets to win in how costs . One day in Africa is justified by means of escape from darker side strike out in battlefield .

by Africana

Q ? are they followers :

Ô là las !

It’s been awhile now , that I’m late for class and always seek an additional features to embrace the joys of being blogger who have readers around the globe . My goals are followers who could understand how corruptions , politics , democracy and freedom of democratization is all about . I’m posting from time to time for whatever I’ve seen as good as bad to the public continents for the public continents .

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