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Let’s Talk about Dialogue in Nonfiction

The Daily Post

Think of a Southern drawl. Think of a heavy accent. Think of someone you know who uses slang or who routinely drops letters when they talk. (Hey man, how’re you? Workin’ hard!) All these elements of speech speak volumes about the subject at hand and can offer clues about ethnicity, location, past experience, history, affluence, sincerity — or even lack thereof.

Not sure how to get started capturing dialogue? Veteran journalist Steve Buttry offers some tips on verifying facts and ensuring accuracy in your interviews.

Trying your hand at nonfiction on your blog, be it memoir, reportage, or even podcasting? Dialogue is a great way to show vs. tell. Today we’ll look at three examples of dialogue that not only infuse their respective pieces with original detail, they help carry the story, allowing readers/listeners to reach their own conclusions.

Dialogue in reportage

Consider this excerpt from “Cops…

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