A Brief Note About Me Reviewing the Hugo Nominees

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I’ve been asked a few times if I plan to write any reviews of the Hugo nominees this year after I’ve read them. The answer: No, I don’t. One, if you look at my general modus operandi around Hugos, I don’t ever really comment on what I think of the merits of the individual nominees* until after the voting window has closed. Two, this year, this policy seems even more advisable as there are excitable people who would point out any reviews on my part as scale-tipping, regardless of what the review said. Three, as a general rule, in public, I try not to say negative things about the work of other writers. I will make exceptions from time to time. But generally, I avoid it.

Note well that I have not been shy about expressing my opinion regarding certain Puppies and their actions in creating the slates and pushing…

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what if I can do well my creativity

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from employee to financial freedom

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Flip Flop.”

The reasons why I tried to take away from being employee in my life is the most unsatisfactory working all day everyday for someone who doesn’t appreciate. Since I startup a new friendly learning from reading a book to asking questions about how to. The government is not available at the door step of companies to provide useful information about citizens welfare for how much are they paid salaries and how are they treated. There is no guarantee on my retirement after being working for about fourteen years with no money into my account, and always under debts and aside family problems. This is why I chose an opinion that I read from a book called the business of 21st century were I realized that I bet on suffered. Thanks you daily post Thanks you WordPress