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About Me :

About me ? Ohh again ? Ooh my ! What a Kind of Meyyy!!!
I’VE really missing lot of charity being grown up away from my parents to a family member in another country.

Today is going to be fun for me to stands front of you and explains how my childhood has been. My name is Sani Ali born in Kano in 16/11/1978 . Hausa is my native language and in addition on this I hear Kanuri and study French/English . But something that affect me is that I have two mothers, two names, two fathers, two towns and two countries. I were born as Nigerian citizen and named as Mohammed Sani Ali as one family one name,one town and one . This childhood memories of mine is too complicated for how I felt in some kind of thing that indulged me in messed . A family who care to bring a smile to their lovely baby boy to grow in front of them but , they change me, change my mind, change my country,change my life in general. When I was two years my father and mother divorced from their marriage,from then I just ousted from a single family to a different families were I spent my adolescent before I even saw my favorite father and mother for about Eighteen years old adult. Yes to the action of Dad for what he called his righteous time for an actionable tomorrows view of his own child , to grow up in the Home Away from Home , because as he’s an Army officer he declares himself his best to leave me there till I graduate before they return me and this is why I live there for about 18 years.

Unfortunately I messed up my self for leaving school after graduation in 1996 ,were I started a new life in Lagos Nigeria. There ! Was the worst ever life conditions of mine begins. I started apprentice conductor of trailer truck in 96 and became driver in 2001 , at a F.Shour Transport company and quite in 2004 , after that from 2004 to 2010 I was in Ritaj Building Materials company , in 2010-&-11 I’m working under a drilling company , in 2011 to 2013 I was in Dangote Industrial Companies , at 2013 I quit driving and returns to school to study , and I study computer course for a diplomat certification in Microsoft office , after that I return back to driving at the end of 2013 to 2014 at a China company C C E C C after quitting I register in a Network marketing company A2W Nigeria till now as a distributor


. Thanks you guys see you again next time.


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    About Me : Sani Ali is my name. Kano is my hometown. Lagos is my business place. Nigeria is my country. Driving is my job. Network marketing is business. So I’m here for fun and profit the value of networking to achieve my needs for knowing before stats doing online marketing. This all about me being here


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