Afri. Times’ Smiths

Afri. Times ‘Smiths:

Todays assignments gave a sort of blogging that matter blogging. So i am gonna give you an example that degrades our best known that’s called AfriTimesSmiths . What i see! You too see it! Those things are our Smiths . Here they are: Education , Experience , Knowledge , Skills. With all this ! Nothing change the way we live since the Youths blaming the old age for the lacking of Education , lacking of machinery , lacking of relational materials and so forth . But the peoples who live in such circumstances have nothing less than reflects the blame back to the youths living now within everywhere in Africa. What i am here to say is that ? Why up till now our continent is still under development is that , todays youths where well educate but full of laziness , Skillful but stands as skillfulness and knowledgeable but full of carelessness and overwhelmed. The one thing that makes us became must broadcasted in media due higher poverty , higher corruption , higher illiterate , higher Aid collector , higher interest rates payers because of discriminating our resources for lacking of to. Do you know why ? Because the peoples who collects our independence letters are the only good African leaders because of their respective territories and their humanities that never


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