Who Say I Say So ? I Never Say So ?

Time Click Africa :

Who ! SaniAli  .

In this documentary series of unchangeable proper nouns , i regret having been taken over time as well and criticized my own personal responsibility that situated in Central position of the world map . A real world is already in advance but unfortunately Africanism still remains African democratizing as “BeSo” . So much pain and so much pleasure , a life after death is not afforded since 1900–1800–1700 were our grandfathers passes trials of “TriangleCommerce” from history is only a downtown area to our nowadays towns *Africa* . I ! myself SaniAli due process and minded kind of me looking in from the sky and describe the world map as view from down sky I see continents , but i peak African continent and subdivided into countries which in common use a habit of unchangeable habits. From broadcasting things are good enough reason of obedience but in reality things are good enough reason for obedience too ? Why always Africanism still rules Africa in views of development is something that only we African know in reality , our leaders legalizing wealth foundation into their self property is what commissioned undeveloped Africa at 21st century. The problem is that ? no matter how good you are , if your not part of me your useless to me and to the country , feels like after me , my son ! This world of African democratise is nothing but a world of corruptions and self rulemaking leadership , in every African administration any elected officials have character of rulemaking not a justice must prevails legally leaders. If in reality since time of every African countries independents what is happening by now , we are still living under a kind of sick name of poor nation , literary , malfunctioning administration of all time that broadcasting lies to the world and proud of various commitments . Behind the scenes is now living in Africa as the world never understood why it left American continent , Europe , Asia and Oceanus to come and live in Africa is because Africanism still remains in our hearts that will continue indulging over our developments goals and escape the downgrading at 21st century. Righteous deeds is a habit of unchangeable habits , here and there were is here ! A black or Negros can never be a whites , so we must maintains our skin and fight back our grandfathers slavery tortures to build upon their own resources a real good Africa of 21st century , if those who retained their respective constitutional power over any injustices could do a do or die in all governmental administrations within following a constitutional authority for authorization of good people not brotherhood habit of a rulemaking leaders. Today ! Together ! Forever ! Mama Africa belongs to Africans wherever they are in the world , no matter what or whatever they be in the eye of Big Picture . Something that was in ground is that , from the top to bottom usually catastrophic critical acclaim insurgencies all over the continent , realistically who is who and where is where , from Libya , Mali , Sudan , Liberia , Seira Leone , Niger , Nigeria , Central Africa , Somalia , Kenya , Congo , Zimbabwe , Cameroon , Chad , South Africa , Egypt and some have been omitted from Central to middle. Let me propagate here , I am from Nigeria and i know how i feels the situation of my country among all neighbors in view of getting a good leader like Mohammadu Buhari who in reality fighting corruption in and out made him the only one left in Nigeria’s leading reality TV channel against corruption. But who ever say ! I say So ! I never Say So ! .


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