Good Morning ! Sunday Morning :

Cloudy morning , Sunshine sunny Sunday a in the Weatherford Lagos day of a Summer Sunday .

Hello Everybody ! Hello !

Today is a remainder day among days in our daily lives habituated with works. It’s beautiful here and there being at home with desirous right for choosing what to do or where to be . Our weather conditions at least today is just , something like hot cloudy day as our bodies temperatures gave. An 86/oF degrees ” with a haze that fills like 96-oF ” and the descriptions of the Wind blows is about 2 mph , with Dew-Point of 77/-oF ” Humidity of 74% ” at the Duration between 7:04am to 6:57pm the Visibility is 2,5 , comparing from the index finger a total of UV-Index goes about 7-High , so far away as well weather conditions in which Lagos i Stry amp . Last two weeks Lagos acquired first rain that shows a recycling shortage of days between last year and this year first Lagos described as recycle short or something similar in recent changes.

Hello world ! Hello Bloggers ! Hello Nigeria . GoodSunday Everybody !



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