Driving :

Here it is ! My Job and I !

I’ll first appeared before it to late and crack thus who misleading the most important factor of our business model . I’ll first categories those alphabetical combination of words that named DRIVER and who has to be .

D : Dedicated and Loyal .

R : Respective .

I : Imagine .

V : Vigilante .

E : Educated .

R : Responsible .

For the knowledgeable and a greatest ever made named after whom had to become . As a means on my timeline driving has jumped into the hands of who not related to . I’m sure that as a trailer driver in service for about fifteen years and a way of knowing what driving means , in country Nigeria some of both cars and trucks drivers are only allowed but not suppose to determine whether or not they are willing to drive . Both of us are driving themselves only not with any applicable laws of motion along the road. Behind me are so many drivers who undoubtedly following the applicable laws of driving specifically car drivers or private owned cars who driving as O.Y.O . I’d advice thus giving or authorizing person to get a driving license with so many carelessly understanding of whom they give authority to drive.


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