Hello ! And welcomes everybody in which means ! blogging lovers community •BLOGGERS• . Blameless name of mine by me ! deserves post if whatnot a book. A days ? Daily post admirably focuses an intense feelings of bloggers , for a one more time again to say about their names. I love ! Like ! And always loves forever my name< SANI> it’s awesome as muslim to be named as : ” the 2nd ” in Arabic . With the love i love my name ? I graded & rated it up with regard of my Africanism remains forever as an African man originated with black skin and being born on the federal republic of Nigerians soil .

S. Special

A. African

N. Nigerian

I. International

My name is a kind of mine !

A Special African Nigerian International

1. Special

You know what ? One size feet all ! One name gave us a clear sample that everyone believed that speciality is ours ! ” The Name River Niger ” ; why river niger ? Who says river niger ? Well !

2. African

Bold black skin of mine ? huh ! Located in the territorial continent of Africa , guarantees that wherever i go i must remain African and all those being born anywhere in the world by blacks families .

3. Nigerian

First of  all , I’m a Black man hailed from Nigeria .But how did we get this name ? History reveals that “Whites” Negros and we name it the heart of the world geographically .

International :

Imagery African man originally called Nigerian national identity as SANI .






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