The 2017 Change Mantra for Made in Nigeria :


A New Year a new development for my lovely country Nigeria in strategizing the entire series of our aims for using the made in Nigeria products . Today we’re facing serious recession in Nigeria from the past year do our ways of thinking that foreign products are the only goods good for us . The unfortunate events are nowadays mysteries of indulging in such circumstances of economics crisis that we didn’t deserve to be in as a developed or underdevelopment nation in Africa with had so many things to achieve successes . Our fatherland products will be taken as first priority to use do to the president Mohammad Buhari message to the nation as compulsory for Nigerians to use made in Nigeria products in 2017 till the end of time for using and progressively more and more . Our local products are our aims and for any foreign investors to come in and produces his personal company products and embarked into businesses involved as local products not import foreign products except rows materials that’ll be used as productions materials . We’re really happy for the governments decisions for such purposes to develop our fatherland as a sign of strengthening and control over what goods of all time . The federal government is our national problems since all world is hearing how things happening within the country , how everyday you open TV , Radio , Newspaper , social media you’ll hear Nigeria problems from one to another , corruption , vandalism , bombs , militants and terrorism insurgents all over the nation . Today you’ll hear this ? Tomorrow you’ll hear that ? Why because anyone in the past administration is on his own not for all and we stand for change that up till now others who won’t make it happen as their primary mission interest of internal mindset chamber to destroyed the Buhari administration of change wagon .


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