Oh Dear Mama Afric<a href=”https://inasali.wordpress.com/2017/01/25/zombies-and-terrors-inside-mother-africa-of-today/carte_dafrique/&#8221; rel=”attachment wp-att-616″><img class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-616″ src=”https://inasali.files.wordpress.com/2017/01/carte_dafrique.gif?w=260&#8243; alt=”carte_dafrique” width=”260″ height=”300″ /></a>a .




An early example of guerrillas mantras out within the territorial districts of our dear mama Africa . Upon a time in an era of bloodshed and horrors systematic ruling class leaderships , we definitely got into a hardships clones of leaderless or something alike . Our mindsets of ignorance has turned into nothing but stayed forever on cheering like chiefs . Today in Africa our governmental authorities are only interested to stay forever in government offices and propagates politics of democratization. From bottom to top in Africa democracy is amalgamated with crisis before or after election . The crisis warlords are those in power over time in governments that plays horrifically for yielding solicitation of getting rid themselves in power in all their lifetime . However troublesome politics in African descent habits of declarative democracy in a democratic society is only a game within nation . Today Africa declaring democracy is nothing but journey without destination and embark into another insurgents were nobody is perfect . From year 2000 till now few of African countries have not in bloody game and grave yard of battlegrounds due process of our habitability ruling over . Simultaneously one after another from Somalia , Burundi , Rwanda , Congo , Equatorial Guinea , Cameroon , Zimbabwe , Angola , Nigeria , Niger , Mali , Egypt , Sudan , Chad , Libya , Tunisia , Ivory Cost , Burkina Faso , Liberia , Sierra Leon , Kenya , Ethiopia , Eritrea and now in fresh to come Gambia and all for our self interest of remaining on power . These critical thinking and corruption scandal beyond Dear Mother Africa is the backlash hunting brotherhood of one family one matter . Concerning development under undeveloped land , the selfishness ruling class always create fears and develop crisis that has beginning with no end . Today the world around us began to realize how stupid people are fleeing from Africa to Europe and at last proclaimed life imprisonment to anyone tries to cross Libyan territory for a living in Europe . Lest think about this issue of whether or not , my dear country Nigeria is one of the developing countries in Africa , but unfortunately our problems where created by the politicians who we always propagate them to be in power and at last they will use our census to earns . Today if you look from inward and realized for the massive insurgencies in Nigeria where created by politicians who up till now are in power and using constitutional rights as protection protocol to do not being corrupt politicians who delves the country into crisis of tribalism , religious  , ethnicities and much more . Through our pockets policies and procedures of constitutional amendments made our leaders looks amazing and looted treasures in corruptions practices , since nothing like pay back . Brothers and sisters everywhere in the world needs peace and well being life and properties protections that always makes them out for casting their votes that always politicians using for their own personal interests . Africanized habits has died years ago when or before colonization and has gone forever to never come back again , but politicians use it in order of ignorance and clear throats of doing great job . Our way of thinking is disappointed by declaring section by section democratic rights and responsibilities godfather cabinets of corrupts individuals in elections colleges . Mama Africa if you need to stop the worst , you have to bring the best in order to avoid confusion between rivals by good advice or good fairness peoples for a reason of recovering processes of your dreams . Today the men in black are nowadays mysteries and always be there as big picture in our society that perpetuating our aims do negligence or something else .





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