Consumers in Centered of the Nigeria’s Zenith treasuries in the hands of catapulted peoples called “Looters” or nation breakers.

Hello everybody !

To you’ll my guests ! Alone in blogging habits of a kind of Me . Sani ? a citizen of my beloved fatherland Nigeria . From the very beginning of campaign for this ruling administration , a collaborative team of tough politicians with a change patrol wagon vigilante anyway to recover the insanity looters of past administration . Oh ! My dear motherland in a crackdown on security , economy and a high debts life cycle of everyday life changing of my good Peoples of Nigeria. Unfortunately she felt rusty and delved herself into the list of worlds tops corrupted Peoples who critically contributing as how to depress and declined the views of Nigeria in the eyes of the world . A sums of about $2.1 billions have been destined to an unknown location by those who we always queuing to cast our votes to them . After the election of this new administration that stand up to fight corruption , the turns out by destroying the country so the new administration could not achieved the promises of fighting corruption , the makes everything costs with their counterparts business peoples friends who are using the looted money for interest rates and dividends . Nigerians politicians said if you fights corruption , corruption will fighting back . When the president say this ! The national assembly will no ! . Catastrophic failure of democracy is in Africa forever and ever if continued by politics of democratization .


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