Taking a leap (second)

Write Science

by Shane L. Larson

61 seconds is all it takes
For the 9 to 5 man to be more than one minute late

outfield_playdeepSo goes the song “61 Seconds” on the 1985 debut album Play Deep, from the British rock band The Outfield.  Thirteen times since the release of Play Deep (12 Nov 1985), we humans have added “leap seconds” to our timekeeping, endeavouring as much as possible to keep our continuous record of time aligned with some Cosmic measure of time. In those moments, we had 61 seconds in the “minute.”  On the last day of 2016, we will once again add a second to our accounting of time — at 6:59:59 pm EST (that’s 23:59:59 UTC, for all you time nerds out there), a special leap second will be added. For that one moment, we will all live through 6:59:60…

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The 2017 Change Mantra for Made in Nigeria :


A New Year a new development for my lovely country Nigeria in strategizing the entire series of our aims for using the made in Nigeria products . Today we’re facing serious recession in Nigeria from the past year do our ways of thinking that foreign products are the only goods good for us . The unfortunate events are nowadays mysteries of indulging in such circumstances of economics crisis that we didn’t deserve to be in as a developed or underdevelopment nation in Africa with had so many things to achieve successes . Our fatherland products will be taken as first priority to use do to the president Mohammad Buhari message to the nation as compulsory for Nigerians to use made in Nigeria products in 2017 till the end of time for using and progressively more and more . Our local products are our aims and for any foreign investors to come in and produces his personal company products and embarked into businesses involved as local products not import foreign products except rows materials that’ll be used as productions materials . We’re really happy for the governments decisions for such purposes to develop our fatherland as a sign of strengthening and control over what goods of all time . The federal government is our national problems since all world is hearing how things happening within the country , how everyday you open TV , Radio , Newspaper , social media you’ll hear Nigeria problems from one to another , corruption , vandalism , bombs , militants and terrorism insurgents all over the nation . Today you’ll hear this ? Tomorrow you’ll hear that ? Why because anyone in the past administration is on his own not for all and we stand for change that up till now others who won’t make it happen as their primary mission interest of internal mindset chamber to destroyed the Buhari administration of change wagon .



Hello ! And welcomes everybody in which means ! blogging lovers community •BLOGGERS• . Blameless name of mine by me ! deserves post if whatnot a book. A days ? Daily post admirably focuses an intense feelings of bloggers , for a one more time again to say about their names. I love ! Like ! And always loves forever my name< SANI> it’s awesome as muslim to be named as : ” the 2nd ” in Arabic . With the love i love my name ? I graded & rated it up with regard of my Africanism remains forever as an African man originated with black skin and being born on the federal republic of Nigerians soil .

S. Special

A. African

N. Nigerian

I. International

My name is a kind of mine !

A Special African Nigerian International

1. Special

You know what ? One size feet all ! One name gave us a clear sample that everyone believed that speciality is ours ! ” The Name River Niger ” ; why river niger ? Who says river niger ? Well !

2. African

Bold black skin of mine ? huh ! Located in the territorial continent of Africa , guarantees that wherever i go i must remain African and all those being born anywhere in the world by blacks families .

3. Nigerian

First of  all , I’m a Black man hailed from Nigeria .But how did we get this name ? History reveals that “Whites” Negros and we name it the heart of the world geographically .

International :

Imagery African man originally called Nigerian national identity as SANI .





Renewal of Auto Renewal by Service Operators :

African service operators Mitch and others. I’d never be happy by the way our customers help in finding an unusual renewal and auto renewal of diverting our data in how costs for consideration. If you haven’t subscribe for a service provider for SMS messages or even don’t know how to use the phone they will subscribed you and deducted your money with no reason . I’m getting tired but can’t find any evidence whatsoever , but our communication commission has now come out with a clue to stop any unsolicited messages from mobile operators in no more often renewal .

Zero Tolerance :

Upon a propaganda in public life , spoken word count as one word in common usage. A friend of mine can’t get over what self-esteem of his words can determine what he means in reality . He has propagate them with their tribal language to greet them , but unfortunately what’s said isn’t the same thing with what he means . Insulting over greeting , by his side his friend tells him that this is insane don’t repeat it again ? From the public somebody said no ! no!  continue yours zero tolerance it’s not your language go ahead .

Driving :

Here it is ! My Job and I !

I’ll first appeared before it to late and crack thus who misleading the most important factor of our business model . I’ll first categories those alphabetical combination of words that named DRIVER and who has to be .

D : Dedicated and Loyal .

R : Respective .

I : Imagine .

V : Vigilante .

E : Educated .

R : Responsible .

For the knowledgeable and a greatest ever made named after whom had to become . As a means on my timeline driving has jumped into the hands of who not related to . I’m sure that as a trailer driver in service for about fifteen years and a way of knowing what driving means , in country Nigeria some of both cars and trucks drivers are only allowed but not suppose to determine whether or not they are willing to drive . Both of us are driving themselves only not with any applicable laws of motion along the road. Behind me are so many drivers who undoubtedly following the applicable laws of driving specifically car drivers or private owned cars who driving as O.Y.O . I’d advice thus giving or authorizing person to get a driving license with so many carelessly understanding of whom they give authority to drive.

Google Translate Adds New Feature to Interpret Duterte Statements into Layman’s Terms

SILICON VALLEY, California — Web giant Google has unveiled a new version of Google Translate that employs supreme artificial intelligence to provide its best ever interpretation of Philippine…

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