A democratic Africa :

Mathematicians in Africa :

carte_dafriqueDay in decoration , but down slightly despite being together in the wall with red carpet and spreading democracy that’s not the reality of our true intent to individuals within societies . Inline and outline for the future of Ms. Africanas’ children thus found themselves on bets to win in how costs . One day in Africa is justified by means of escape from darker side strike out in battlefield .

by Africana

Q ? are they followers :

Ô là las !

It’s been awhile now , that I’m late for class and always seek an additional features to embrace the joys of being blogger who have readers around the globe . My goals are followers who could understand how corruptions , politics , democracy and freedom of democratization is all about . I’m posting from time to time for whatever I’ve seen as good as bad to the public continents for the public continents .