Smoke In The Sky .

Good future begins with timely manner . More useful sense in reality are sometime good to fight for the future and sustaining a good future . Shame for whatever reason Africans give up on their way to a sustainable development . As greedily do senseless and uselessness hanging the reality and using the catastrophe . All sorts of malfunctioning administration are inside Africa as an archive for tomorrow use . When and how could it provides a comprehensive range of subjects to deal with the smoke in the sky of Africa . Those whose ambition is ruling forever and those who always relied on them to bring solution that’ll change the weather to make the sky looks fine , had a blast beyond their views . The reality behind this is how spider net could protect rain as umbrella did , the majority in office are there for themselves not for those who relied on them to make Africa no place like home . From colonization to independent of African nations up till now there is no country that practice democracy as described and since independence no African individuals that respecting government as governing body . Both effects from government to the peopled governed is critical acclaim as good rulers or good to rules . Perpetrators are there and propagandist are there only to make smoke in the sky of Mama Africa . Time is running from nineties to millennium there is nothing attractive to change the way we think of , except perhaps due process of converting our mindset to minded individuals for progresses through a philosophy of replacing those we always chanting as good ones with new generation individuals who would make Africa home and no place like home to clear the smoke from the sky of Mama Africa .


Sani Ali .


Day In ! Day Out !

Hours to the destination of our trip to the land of godless humanitarian in central park . Cloudy sky diving to favor free Democratic nation , but unfortunately overdue and malfunctioning governmental policies delayed the soils to harvest good governance that’ll progressed the development of the continent . If colonialists could afford independence with no prior knowledge to the peoples who colonized with a constitutional provisions for self defense , it means alot left behind . Brutalizing my priorities constitutional monarchy was a big deal since we’re above laws when we’re in office due takes everything beyond pleased . In reality African leaders are Africa’s destroyers were they used powers and double strike against individuals and economy to create a world of pain and suffering among others for their own interests .



Oh Dear Mama Afric<a href=”; rel=”attachment wp-att-616″><img class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-616″ src=”; alt=”carte_dafrique” width=”260″ height=”300″ /></a>a .




An early example of guerrillas mantras out within the territorial districts of our dear mama Africa . Upon a time in an era of bloodshed and horrors systematic ruling class leaderships , we definitely got into a hardships clones of leaderless or something alike . Our mindsets of ignorance has turned into nothing but stayed forever on cheering like chiefs . Today in Africa our governmental authorities are only interested to stay forever in government offices and propagates politics of democratization. From bottom to top in Africa democracy is amalgamated with crisis before or after election . The crisis warlords are those in power over time in governments that plays horrifically for yielding solicitation of getting rid themselves in power in all their lifetime . However troublesome politics in African descent habits of declarative democracy in a democratic society is only a game within nation . Today Africa declaring democracy is nothing but journey without destination and embark into another insurgents were nobody is perfect . From year 2000 till now few of African countries have not in bloody game and grave yard of battlegrounds due process of our habitability ruling over . Simultaneously one after another from Somalia , Burundi , Rwanda , Congo , Equatorial Guinea , Cameroon , Zimbabwe , Angola , Nigeria , Niger , Mali , Egypt , Sudan , Chad , Libya , Tunisia , Ivory Cost , Burkina Faso , Liberia , Sierra Leon , Kenya , Ethiopia , Eritrea and now in fresh to come Gambia and all for our self interest of remaining on power . These critical thinking and corruption scandal beyond Dear Mother Africa is the backlash hunting brotherhood of one family one matter . Concerning development under undeveloped land , the selfishness ruling class always create fears and develop crisis that has beginning with no end . Today the world around us began to realize how stupid people are fleeing from Africa to Europe and at last proclaimed life imprisonment to anyone tries to cross Libyan territory for a living in Europe . Lest think about this issue of whether or not , my dear country Nigeria is one of the developing countries in Africa , but unfortunately our problems where created by the politicians who we always propagate them to be in power and at last they will use our census to earns . Today if you look from inward and realized for the massive insurgencies in Nigeria where created by politicians who up till now are in power and using constitutional rights as protection protocol to do not being corrupt politicians who delves the country into crisis of tribalism , religious  , ethnicities and much more . Through our pockets policies and procedures of constitutional amendments made our leaders looks amazing and looted treasures in corruptions practices , since nothing like pay back . Brothers and sisters everywhere in the world needs peace and well being life and properties protections that always makes them out for casting their votes that always politicians using for their own personal interests . Africanized habits has died years ago when or before colonization and has gone forever to never come back again , but politicians use it in order of ignorance and clear throats of doing great job . Our way of thinking is disappointed by declaring section by section democratic rights and responsibilities godfather cabinets of corrupts individuals in elections colleges . Mama Africa if you need to stop the worst , you have to bring the best in order to avoid confusion between rivals by good advice or good fairness peoples for a reason of recovering processes of your dreams . Today the men in black are nowadays mysteries and always be there as big picture in our society that perpetuating our aims do negligence or something else .



The 2017 Change Mantra for Made in Nigeria :


A New Year a new development for my lovely country Nigeria in strategizing the entire series of our aims for using the made in Nigeria products . Today we’re facing serious recession in Nigeria from the past year do our ways of thinking that foreign products are the only goods good for us . The unfortunate events are nowadays mysteries of indulging in such circumstances of economics crisis that we didn’t deserve to be in as a developed or underdevelopment nation in Africa with had so many things to achieve successes . Our fatherland products will be taken as first priority to use do to the president Mohammad Buhari message to the nation as compulsory for Nigerians to use made in Nigeria products in 2017 till the end of time for using and progressively more and more . Our local products are our aims and for any foreign investors to come in and produces his personal company products and embarked into businesses involved as local products not import foreign products except rows materials that’ll be used as productions materials . We’re really happy for the governments decisions for such purposes to develop our fatherland as a sign of strengthening and control over what goods of all time . The federal government is our national problems since all world is hearing how things happening within the country , how everyday you open TV , Radio , Newspaper , social media you’ll hear Nigeria problems from one to another , corruption , vandalism , bombs , militants and terrorism insurgents all over the nation . Today you’ll hear this ? Tomorrow you’ll hear that ? Why because anyone in the past administration is on his own not for all and we stand for change that up till now others who won’t make it happen as their primary mission interest of internal mindset chamber to destroyed the Buhari administration of change wagon .

A year after tomorrow

The Reality Behind !
Days after days life goes on , it’s just a measurement system between departure and destination of whatever gets limits in anyway . This day of today is situated in an intervals of days ago where are counted as day of today , and the second before today . So , the years gone could be one , if not the way our bodies and behaviors shown changes into how we see our universe . A year before tomorrow could be today ? if not today ? A year after tomorrow could be today ? if not today ? A federated time of lifetime achievement is today ? The day that we take a look with a maybe in mind on how could it be to us no matter how hard we care about .
Don’t look years ?
Don’t look ?
Okay look at today and make it the day in time of day you take a look at this post and use it for yourself .

Brutal Looters :

InstagramCapture_8e5fdadb-a49b-4574-a43d-ca110a309722_jpgHello everybody !

My guests upon you’ll , it’s sincerely interested to volunteer and click on touches minded tale that was presently happens in my country Nigeria . As an alternative everyday life changing from the look of 21st century . With a regard to accomplish anything ? it’ll becomes conversation that delves into another self-interest for self-government , not accorded to the welfare reform of the country or the people of the country  . Today wherever you are , you hear about Nigeria wastes of leadership , who contributed greatly for looting the country wealth into sections of degrades and declination of any nation . So far from time after independent from Britannia we lack leaders who Africanist stillness to take care of reserves as well by the way describes . Over $ 2.1 Billions dollars in pursuit from looters , and other similar picturesqueness and otherworldly criminology annoys . The very first administrations are we we in office not we’ll , have changed the charities and commenting good done with no reason to affords the conditions and discrimination against certain kinds of disrespect among us ,. It’s really insane be called criminal , but unfortunately not to Nigerians. Everyday speech from Nigeria is a corruption speech , everybody now cries for change and getting the change but unfortunately Africanist still remains African democracy that gained by Peoples who detains others as their electors or their slaves. Behind the real world , Nigeria enormous deadline is nothing but corruption , anybody procrastination is for his own not for everybody.

Day One LapTop :

FB_20151214_13_59_41_Saved_Picture             Hello everybody !

It’s realy funny for me to come out and spreed my joyfullness day one with my computer LapTop .

I’m in a new “blogging big screen learner” at this first tipping keybord of a laptop that i first bougth

in my life at this day of 20/03/2016 .

This first upload picture give me real happeness for blogging in tomorrows blogging courses community COMMONS where i critisized using phone is rediculous in anyway concern doing things for funny and encounter difficulties . So good ! So far the good peoples of wordpress “bloggers ” and the autommatic .




Who Say I Say So ? I Never Say So ?

Time Click Africa :

Who ! SaniAli  .

In this documentary series of unchangeable proper nouns , i regret having been taken over time as well and criticized my own personal responsibility that situated in Central position of the world map . A real world is already in advance but unfortunately Africanism still remains African democratizing as “BeSo” . So much pain and so much pleasure , a life after death is not afforded since 1900–1800–1700 were our grandfathers passes trials of “TriangleCommerce” from history is only a downtown area to our nowadays towns *Africa* . I ! myself SaniAli due process and minded kind of me looking in from the sky and describe the world map as view from down sky I see continents , but i peak African continent and subdivided into countries which in common use a habit of unchangeable habits. From broadcasting things are good enough reason of obedience but in reality things are good enough reason for obedience too ? Why always Africanism still rules Africa in views of development is something that only we African know in reality , our leaders legalizing wealth foundation into their self property is what commissioned undeveloped Africa at 21st century. The problem is that ? no matter how good you are , if your not part of me your useless to me and to the country , feels like after me , my son ! This world of African democratise is nothing but a world of corruptions and self rulemaking leadership , in every African administration any elected officials have character of rulemaking not a justice must prevails legally leaders. If in reality since time of every African countries independents what is happening by now , we are still living under a kind of sick name of poor nation , literary , malfunctioning administration of all time that broadcasting lies to the world and proud of various commitments . Behind the scenes is now living in Africa as the world never understood why it left American continent , Europe , Asia and Oceanus to come and live in Africa is because Africanism still remains in our hearts that will continue indulging over our developments goals and escape the downgrading at 21st century. Righteous deeds is a habit of unchangeable habits , here and there were is here ! A black or Negros can never be a whites , so we must maintains our skin and fight back our grandfathers slavery tortures to build upon their own resources a real good Africa of 21st century , if those who retained their respective constitutional power over any injustices could do a do or die in all governmental administrations within following a constitutional authority for authorization of good people not brotherhood habit of a rulemaking leaders. Today ! Together ! Forever ! Mama Africa belongs to Africans wherever they are in the world , no matter what or whatever they be in the eye of Big Picture . Something that was in ground is that , from the top to bottom usually catastrophic critical acclaim insurgencies all over the continent , realistically who is who and where is where , from Libya , Mali , Sudan , Liberia , Seira Leone , Niger , Nigeria , Central Africa , Somalia , Kenya , Congo , Zimbabwe , Cameroon , Chad , South Africa , Egypt and some have been omitted from Central to middle. Let me propagate here , I am from Nigeria and i know how i feels the situation of my country among all neighbors in view of getting a good leader like Mohammadu Buhari who in reality fighting corruption in and out made him the only one left in Nigeria’s leading reality TV channel against corruption. But who ever say ! I say So ! I never Say So ! .